About us

221e is an innovative firm active in the development of ideas, projects and products, exploiting the convergent advances in the fields of IT, microelectronics, sensors and control algorithms.

Our know-how encompasses hardware and software design, advanced sensing applications, inertial systems, industrial automation and inductive charging. Every products is developed in-house.

Through the combination of technology, extensive data, and control algorithm, we can engineer systems that interpret the external environment and that execute a programmed action if and when a specific event is recognized.

221e developed a modular hardware and software platform to enable new functions and to build smart products. The implementation of an ecosystem of technologies and competences serves as basis for a multitude of applications in diverse fields, such as:

ICT for smart communities (sensors), Sport Science (inertial systems), Health and Biomed (motion sensors), Furniture (wireless charging), Automotive (wireless charging), Construction (structural vibration sensors), Entertainment (3D motion capture), Agriculture (UAVs and sensors), and more…

Our Vision

People, Ideas, Technology

Our Philosophy

The World is in continuous change. People change their habits, technology helps to make our lives better, reducing our efforts and improving our comfort. We want to be a part of this continuous change towards a better world. Putting our research on the service of people, while respecting the environment and improving the standards we are used to. Applying new approaches to tackle new questions and find new solutions is an exciting process, and that is what drives and fascinates us. Our purpose is to contribute to the advancement of technology to benefit people. We will maintain this principle, and, as a team, we will continue to push our frontiers forward.

Our Mission

221e aims at being an organization open;
to innovation – where ideas can find the space to expand into projects and products;
to meritocracy – where talent can express free for the better of everyone; and
to happiness – where individuals are and are treated the way they’d wish to be and be treated.

Our Name

The name 221e is inspired by the UNICODE for the infinity symbol because infinite is the boundary of imagination, and so of innovation.
221e embraces innovative spirit, so no limits are settled to its potential.

Our Operation Model

221e aims at excelling in every technology produced and service offered. Always pushing forward to find new solutions for its costumers, while providing a confortable but yet exciting work environment for emplyees and partners.

221e is first of all a team of talented people sharing their work and expertises for a common target of advancing in life for the better.